Pure Organic Oaxacan Honey Butter 250g


From San Andrés Huaxpaltepec, Oaxaca this is 100% pure organic Oaxacan bee multi-flora honey butter in a 250 gram presentation. Honey with the consistency like that is smooth like butter.

The honey butter acquires consistency naturally when subjected to low temperatures. Honey has not been subjected to any heating, pasteurized or filtered process, so it retains its properties, flavors and aromas, as well as small pollen and wax residues.

Natural honey does not decompose or have an expiration date, however it is suggested to consume it the first year so that it retains all its nutritional properties. If crystallization (solidification) occurs, it can be placed in a water bath, taking care not to exceed 104 degrees F; in this way the honey will return to a liquid state without losing its properties.

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