I’m Jazmin, owner of Frida Bae Co.  I am a wife and mother/stepmother to four daughters. I have always been creative at heart, and my love for my culture has always been at the center of how I live my life. When I had my daughters, I knew that one of my number one goals in life was to not only raise my daughters to be brave, fearless, poderosa, and outspoken women, but to instill as much of our Latin culture in their lives so they can be proud of their heritage. It is important to share my story through my art and culture and lift other women's platforms to do the same. Frida Bae Co. allows me to celebrate and share my LatinX culture through hand-crafted home decor and the beautiful creations of other LatinX artisans. The experience is truly remarkable and rewarding. The journey here, however, was not what you might expect.

I followed a somewhat unconventional path to the realm of art and creativity. As a Registered Nurse for 15 years, I worked in an entirely different world. This experience, however, is an integral part of who I am and influences me today. Entering the health field, I was excited for the opportunity to help people and to change lives. I worked in a hospital setting for years and even acquired my master's in nursing to further my career in the health industry. However, in 2020 my world was turned upside down when the pandemic hit. Working in our hospitals COVID took a toll on my mental health, and I knew I needed to pivot my life in a different direction; thus, the idea of Frida Bae Co. was born. 

As a nurse, I talked with many people and loved getting to know different stories and perspectives. I realized that sharing my own cultural heritage, which I so much love, would be a great way to give something to the community while honoring my family and the rich cultural experience handed down to me through generations. I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley; thus, speaking in Spanglish was a normal way of life for me. Inspired by my mother, who was born in Mexico, and my Mexican American father, I created Frida Bae Co. to bring my LatinX style to a broader audience.

As a creative spirit, I love producing one-of-a-kind works of art, from laser engraved wooden signs and keychains to more intricate pieces to add unique character to the home. In a world so often fixated on negativity, I choose to live by compassion and love, and I hope you are eager to take this journey with me. 

Jazmin Garza-Montalvo